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Coaching Parents

of [un]identified gifted | 2e children


Navigating Intensity


Who I Am

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I am Sheryl Stoller, PCI Certified Parent Coach®, founder and parent coach at Stoller Parent Coaching. I’ve lived an intense – and gratifying – journey, guiding three (un)identified gifted, 2e children to flourishing young adulthood. It was too painful. My devotion to you is personal. I’m here for you the way I needed someone: As a collaborative, compassionate expert in the complexities of (un)identified gifted/2e families, pragmatically equipping you to transform struggles into thriving, connected growth. In addition to coaching individuals and couples, I lead parent groups, staffings, workshops, and presentations.


“There are few who can work with families of gifted and twice-exceptional children the way Sheryl Stoller can. She is not only perceptive, compassionate, and knowledgeable but also extremely effective and results-oriented. She is trained in conscious parenting approaches and has had tremendous success with her clients. I unreservedly recommend her!”
– Dr. Shefali Tsabary
Clinical Psychologist and NYT bestselling author

Sheryl Stoller as a Guest on the "Be Happier In Spite of Your Life" Podcast

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"Months after completing our work with Sheryl, we both use approaches and perspectives we learned from our sessions DAILY. We are so glad we did this for our family and ourselves"

A.N.Oak Park, IL

“My sessions with Sheryl have provided invaluable guidance for me in specific situations as well as in the broad outlook for teaching my children the values I want them to take into the world. Through the process I have seen the relationship between my boys improve as well as my confidence as a parent grow. I am a happier parent thanks to Sheryl’s direction, knowing I have the tools and her support to guide me.”

Mother of two (15 months and 5 years)experiencing challenges with sibling relationships and her own struggle to balance household demands with children’s needs

“I greatly appreciated the guidance in figuring out what I want to take a stand on. I am much more mindful of my interactions, filled with hopefulness, have changed habits and ways of thinking, and have better relationships with my kids. This process with Sheryl is a great fit for all different challenges – it helps you create a healthier more fulfilling family life and relationships.”

K.T.Mother of 3 girls, Preteens and Teens

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How I help

Support. Encouragement. Advice.

Providing a warm relationship and customizing the pacing and the process itself to fit my client’s personal style and needs, I enable parents to trust what they already know, integrate pertinent knowledge, and try out new ways of parenting.


 When I give talks, I love creating a sense of community, inspiring hope, and clearing the view for seeing new perspectives- whether the gathering is small or large. I’d be honored to provide caring support, knowledge, and know-how for your gatherings.  Reach out to me any time here. And come introduce yourself to me at the events showcased below. I would love to meet you!

Upcoming Events

The #1 Secret to Setting Boundaries that Work,

Aligned Parents Get Mental and Emotional Fitness

Getting Mental and Emotional Fitness, Parents!

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Tilt Parenting Podcast | Sept 1

Kids Who Are More | August 3

SENG Conference 2020 | August 7-9



Revolutionizing Parenthood | The Real Deal on Parenting Effectively | April 25, 2020

Revolutionizing Parenthood | The Real Deal on Parenting Effectively | April 25, 2020

Collab4Kids Symposium | Kids who are “More,” Alternate Explanations, Empathetic Effective Responses | Feb 29, 2020

Raising Your Strong-willed Child Summit

Parent Like a Pro Summit

Peaceful Mama Podcast: Featured Speaker

Navigating Intense Feelings 8/3/18

4/14 & 5/12 Implementing Ross Greene’s Collaborative and Proactive Solutions Within your Family

BCC TeleSummit – Navigating Technology in our Families 2/2/18

Frequently Asked Questions

Who comes to you for help?

The parents who hire me have families in which behaviors, emotions, abilities, and/or sensitivities, go beyond expectations. Often their children are showing signs associated with or diagnosed as ODD, ADHD, ADD, and/or anxiety. Many have explosive or implosive reactions to challenges of living. Some parents know there is giftedness and twice exceptionalities involved, others don’t. All of my clients want to figure out and create customized mindsets and tools that work well – short term and long. They are looking to:

  • Find effective parenting solutions that combine reliable information with the family’s unique personalities, dynamics and circumstances
  • Alleviate feelings of being overwhelmed, alone, frantic, inadequate, discouraged, exasperated, worried about their children’s prospects
  • Put joy back into their lives and family relationships
  • Work better as a team with their spouse/partner and/or other supports
  • Know and struggle with consistently making self-care a priority as a necessity for parenting well
  • Create a calm, nurturing, connected family life for all to thrive

What services do you provide?

My area of concentration is supporting parents of children who are “more” – with heightened emotions, thoughts and behaviors.

I provide individual and couples parent coaching; group parent coaching; workshops and presentations.

In Individual and Couple Coaching

Topics Often Covered:

  • Self-nurturing as the foundation for parenting well
  • Consciously clearing our inner landscape to create clean energy in our interactions
  • Setting boundaries that work, incorporating the valid reliable research along with parents’ values, concerns and goals, and the specifics of family members’ unique contexts.
  • Parenting Styles, Children’s Learning Styles and the Meshing of the two
  • Ages/Stages of Development for understanding behaviors in context
  • Creating connected relationships and communication
  • Collaborative Problem-Solving (CPS) to build trusting relationships and lifelong interpersonal skills
  • Sibling relationships to nurture mutual care, support and considerate interactions
  • Life transitions as opportunities for profound positive growth
  • Motivation Development to inspire self-direction and perseverance
  • School Personnel and Parent Relationships, enhancing the effectiveness of the collaboration for the benefit of the child
  • Technology and Media, effectively using both to enhance life


Group Parent Coaching, Workshops and Presentations

I customize the content, format, location and number of sessions to the composition and needs of the groups.  Group coaching, workshops and presentations are often privately sponsored. To learn more, read on. To register or to retain me for sessions, workshops, or presentations for your group, please contact me  here.

Workshops are:

  • Interactive, eliciting creative participation
  • Informative, providing relevant knowledge and perspective
  • Inspiring, renewing energy, hope and confidence
  • Practical, guiding participants to write a plan for using new approaches for existing challenges

Informal Groups / Workshops include sessions with:

  • Pre-existing parent groups, such as playgroups, Girl Scout troops, book clubs, close friends
  • Parents of children of a particular age
  • Parents concerned with particular issues

Institutional / Organizational sponsors and venues include:

  • Corporations
  • Schools
  • Pre-schools, Elementary, Middle Schools, High Schools
  • Parent Coordinators
  • School Administrations
  • PTOs/PTAs
  • Executive Directors, Boards
  • Public, private
  • Hospitals
  • Physicians’ Practices
  • Community centers and organizations

See a sampling of Sheryl’s workshops and institutional clients.

How do sessions work?

Sessions take place either in person, by video-chat, or phone, and last one hour. After each session, I provide clients with a written follow-up that reinforces highlights of the session, including the discoveries, acknowledgments, aha’s, and the 1-doable step clients have committed to for the week ahead. While 10 – 12 sessions are usually optimal for reaping the full benefits of my coaching, when in the best interest of the client and their children, I aim to creatively accommodate whatever time and fee constraints they face.

What problems can be solved?

Specifically, parents hire me to help them with many issues, including:

  • Transitions, i.e. entering a new phase of development, school, life
  • Misbehaviors, i.e. power struggles, defiance, back-talk
  • Children’s life-skills, i.e. cooperation and independence relative to sleep, hygiene, chores, family life, school, homework, friendships, siblings
  • Personal growth as a parent, i.e. learning how to appropriately balance tendencies to fix, control, manage, and be everything for everybody
  • External and internal pressures to have it all, do it all, be the smartest and best at everything, now
  • Management of technology, media and peer influence

What is a PCI Certified Parent Coach?

A PCI Certified Parent Coach® is a professional trained to expertly guide parents to refine their parenting approaches in ways that effectively address challenges and enhance each family member’s short and long-term well-being.

These coaches are certified upon completion of The Parent Coaching Institute’s yearlong intensive graduate-level program, a program that was developed in conjunction with Seattle Pacific University.

The PCI coaching method enables clients to:

  • identify and build on what already works well for them
  • learn parenting approaches proven to be effective through evidence-based research
  • gain clarity about their vision for their family
  • effectively customize their parenting approaches to meet their personal vision
  • benefit from the professional and personal experience of their PCI Certified Coach®

PCI Parent Coaching is not mental health therapy. It is not designed to heal deep emotional wounds. It is designed to benefit healthy parents dealing with parenting challenges. This may include parents whose children and parents who are under the care of therapists and/or psychiatrists. With the client’s consent, The PCI Certified Parent Coach® can confer with those professionals to work as a team for the well being of the whole family.

What is 2E?

2E stands for twice exceptional. It is a term that aims to capture the disparities within one person in terms of the depth and breadth of their abilities, capabilities, learning processes, and developmental evolution. Most simplistically, it refers to people whose measured “ability” in at least one area is at the gifted high/right end of the bell curve, while their measured “ability” in at least one other is at the far low end of the bell curve. The term 2E can be misleading since any one person is often exceptional in multiple directions and degrees on multiple dimensions. A more accurate term might be Multi-E.

What is Asynchronous Development?

While asynchronies are often evident in people with twice-exceptionalities, it is a separate term. Asynchronous development refers to when one or more area of developmental progression is out of sync with the progression and level in another area. For example, a child’s cognitive ability in conceptual thinking may be years above his or her chronological age, while that same child’s social awareness – or mathematical understanding -may be typical or lag behind what is the norm for her age. That child experiences asynchronous development.

Case Studies

I am honored by clients’ wanting to share their success with you. These case studies are just a few examples of the amazing changes that have taken place in the lives of families, parents, and children alike.

Parents of 3, having challenges with 10 year old daughter

Mother with two boys, 1 year old and 4.5 years old

Mother of 2 willful young children, ages 3 & 1

Mother of Temperamental Boys

Samples of My Work

Word from Sheryl:

Nothing we do is more important—or more challenging—than parenting. It offers life’s greatest rewards as well as its most profound challenges. But while we have pediatricians to keep our kids healthy, dentists to fill their cavities and teachers to develop their intellects, when it comes to parenting, it often seems like we’re on our own. I am here to help give parents the necessary tools to raise happy, healthy and well-developed families and children. I have been involved in helping many families, and my educational background and years of experience allow me to share my support, knowledge and know-how with you. (Read my full bio here) I am willing, ready, and able to help your family evolve and flourish. I would love to connect with you. Imagine how great you’ll feel when you reach out to me today!
– Sheryl Stoller, PCI Certified Parent Coach®

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