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Parent Coach Bio

Sheryl Stoller, PCI Certified Parent Coach® founder of Stoller Parent Coaching and and the parent coach at The Center for Identity Potential and for the online Bright and Quirky IdeaLab membership community, expertly helps parents navigate the challenges and enhance the rewards of parenting. Her extensive training, life experience as a mother of three thriving children and innate personal qualities combine to make her exceptional at connecting with and providing collaborative guidance for parents. Clients credit Sheryl with enabling them to positively transform their family life.

About Sheryl

Professionally and Personally – Sheryl brings out the best in others and gives the best she has. By nature, she listens without judgment, sees and nurtures positive perspectives and enables others to do the same for themselves. She readily picks up on opportunities to be playful and creates an energizing chemistry that elicits smiles. Her challenging journey as a parent, guiding three children through their difficult transitions, has proven to be an extremely powerful source of hope, compassion and insight for clients as well as friends.

The combination of her personal attributes, life experience, and academic and professional training makes Sheryl an extremely effective parent coach. She has had a profoundly positive impact on the numerous families who have turned to her for support and guidance.

Academic Education

  • The Parent Coaching Institute, graduate level program, created in collaboration with Seattle Pacific University; recognition for exemplary coaching and mastery of material and process
  • Masters in Business Administration, Boston University; with honors; Marketing Research
  • B.A. Tufts University, magna cum laude; anthropology and art history

Parent Training Programs

  • For “gifted” related, see below
  • Conscious Parenting: in depth trainings with Shefali Tsabary, Ph.D. 2015-present.
  • MBSR – Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction: UMass online program developed by Jon Kabat-Zinn, Ph.D., completed 2016.
  • Dan Siegel, M.D.’s Interpersonal Neurobiology and Mindsight Comprehensive Certificate Course; in process, 2017.
  • Richard Schwartz, Ph.D., and Frank Anderson, Ph.D.’s intensive online course in Internal Family Systems (IFS); in process, 2017
  • First Aid Kit for Counseling Parents on Child & Teen Tantrums, Noncompliance & Fighting, accredited Cross Country Education seminar, Doug Ruben, PhD. 2010
  • Smart but Scattered: Executive Disfunction at Home & School, accredited PESI seminar, Richard Guare, PhD, LP. 2010
  • Very Best Treatments for ADHD & Processing Disorders, accredited PESI seminar, Susan Fralick-Ball, PhD, PsyD. 2009
  • The Art of Positive Parenting, an Action for Children training seminar series based on the work and book of the same name by Mickey Tobin
  • S.T.E.P. The Parent’s Handbook seminar series based on work and book by Dinkmeyer Sr., McKay and Dinkmeyer Jr., building upon work of Rudolf Dreikurs, M.D.
  • All Kinds of Minds, a seminar by Mel Levine, M.D., Orton Dyslexia Society Conference
  • How to Talk So Children Will Listen and Listen So Children Will Talk seminar series based upon work and book by Mazlish and Faber
  • Siblings Without Rivalry seminar series based upon work and book by Mazlish and Faber
  • Tuesday’s Child, a three-month parent-child training program based upon a behavioral model, originated in association with Children’s Memorial Hospital, Chicago, IL
  • ScreamFree Parenting Collaborative Conversation with Hal Runkin and PCI graduates
  • Training Related to Gifted see below


My area of concentration is supporting parents of children who are “more” – with heightened emotions, thoughts and behaviors. I provide individual and couples parent coaching; group parent coaching; workshops and presentations.

 Individual and Couple Coaching

Topics Often Covered:

  • Self-nurturing as the foundation for parenting well
  • Consciously clearing our inner landscape to create clean energy in our interactions
  • Setting boundaries that work, incorporating the valid reliable research along with parents’ values, concerns and goals, and the specifics of family members’ unique contexts.
  • Parenting Styles, Children’s Learning Styles and the Meshing of the two
  • Ages/Stages of Development for understanding behaviors in context
  • Creating connected relationships and communication
  • Collaborative Problem-Solving (CPS) to build trusting relationships and lifelong interpersonal skills
  • Sibling relationships to nurture mutual care, support and considerate interactions
  • Life transitions as opportunities for profound positive growth
  • Motivation Development to inspire self-direction and perseverance
  • School Personnel and Parent Relationships, enhancing the effectiveness of the collaboration for the benefit of the child
  • Technology and Media, effectively using both to enhance life

Group Parent Coaching, Workshops and Presentations

I customize the content, format, location and number of sessions to the composition and needs of the groups.  Group coaching, workshops and presentations are often privately sponsored. To learn more, read on. To register or to retain me for sessions, workshops, or presentations for your group, please contact me  here.

Workshops are:

  • Interactive, eliciting creative participation
  • Informative, providing relevant knowledge and perspective
  • Inspiring, renewing energy, hope and confidence
  • Practical, guiding participants to write a plan for using new approaches for existing challenges

Informal Groups / Workshops include sessions with:

  • Pre-existing parent groups, such as playgroups, Girl Scout troops, book clubs, close friends
  • Parents of children of a particular age
  • Parents concerned with particular issues

Institutional / Organizational sponsors and venues include:

  • Corporations
  • Schools
  • Pre-schools, Elementary, Middle Schools, High Schools
  • Parent Coordinators
  • School Administrations
  • PTOs/PTAs
  • Executive Directors, Boards
  • Public, private
  • Hospitals
  • Physicians’ Practices
  • Community centers and organizations

See a sampling of Sheryl’s workshops and institutional clients.

Sheryl’s Experience Working with Parents of Gifted Children

The Center For Identity Potential, supervisions with Andrew Mahoney, Ph.D. abd, pioneer in therapy for gifted and twice exceptional children; Park Ridge, IL. Brought in as The Center’s parent coach, serving parents of the gifted/ 2E children, whom the therapists at The Center serve. January, 2016 to present

– SENG Model Parent Group Facilitator, Certified 2012

– SENG: Supporting the Emotional Needs Of Gifted & Training

    – The Anxious Family, 2014 with Dan Peters, PhD – 2E Specialist

    – Behaviors: ABC’s of Emotions: Anxiety, Behavior and Coping Skills, 2014 with Dan Peters, Ph.D. and Larry Davis

    – The Effects of Perfectionism on Gifted Children, 2014 with Rosemary Callard-Szulgit, Pd.D.

    – How to Recognize and Prevent Educational Disengagement, 2014 with Melissa Bilash and Jennifer Nance

    – When Lazy Doesn’t Make Sense, 2014 with Cynthia Z. Hansen, M.Ed.

   – Fostering Motivation, 2012, with Lisa Van Gemert – Gifted Youth Specialist

   – Anxiety in the Gifted, 2012, with Susan Jackson – Founder of Daimon Institute for the Highly Gifted

   – Depression in the Gifted, 2012, with James Webb, PhD – Preeminent Gifted Specialist

– Whole Brain Child

– PESI Sponsored Seminar, 2013, with Tina Bryson

– Three children, each with their own gifted-ness, measurable and not

Sheryl’s Personal Journey

Her three children span various gifts. Some were obvious and measurable, such as IQ, math, verbal, and critical thinking abilities. Others were harder to quantify. Sheryl knows the joys those gifts can bring to a family. She also knows the frustrations, anger, and sense of inadequacy that arise when children’s abilities present as unacceptable behaviors – for example, acting out in school fueled by boredom or frustration, or refusing to follow instructions, having reasoned through an alternative more to their liking. Sheryl brings her personal experience, professional training, and relevant up-to-date research to others so they can flourish without unnecessary anguish, heartache or squandering of potential.

To contact Sheryl about Gifted issues, please email her directly at: