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Unlock The #1 Secret to Setting Boundaries that Work Even With Intense or Neurodivergent Kids

Without Rage, Retreat, or Regret. A Free 45-min Workshop

Setting boundaries can hurt. Have you had your simple “no” cause immediate outrage that escalates so much that you, your partner, and your child all feel torn apart and spent?

You are clear that you want peace and connection. You want your kids to be thriving. You want them to be able to adapt to boundaries. Yet that often feels out of reach. But is it?

Join Sheryl Stoller, Family-Wellbeing™ Coach, for a free, 45 minute, live workshop where you’ll get the key that unlocks the door to setting boundaries that actually work, so peace and fun come back into your home.

In this workshop, Sheryl will share not only the secret to setting boundaries that work but also give you an implementation plan so you can walk away empowered.