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Learn 3 Steps to Get Aligned With Parent Partner

By January 12, 2023October 30th, 2023No Comments

If you want more alignment and ease with your parent partner in raising your children so all of you flourish now and into the future, this 35 minutes is for you!

This webinar goes beyond the information we provided last month. So whether you attended that one or not, give yourself this half hour to create personalized steps that will provide immediate relief.

Joining us for this webinar,

  • you will learn 3 steps for
  • preempting
  • deescalating, and
  • clearing a path to resolving the tensions.
  • You will come away with a customization of those steps for your situation.

In addition,

  • We will stay on longer for your personal questions.

To help increase the chances of your being able to attend, we are offering this webinar at two separate times on

January 18th, 2023:

CLICK the start-time you want to register for:

You’ll first see a description. Further down, you’ll find the link for registration.

Imagine how much more energy you will you have!

Please share this with your friends, networks, and maybe even relatives, too.

Looking forward to being here with you and for you, however you need!



and Paul (