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What is a PCI Certified Parent Coach?

A PCI Certified Parent Coach® is a professional trained to expertly guide parents to refine their parenting approaches in ways that effectively address challenges and enhance each family member’s short and long-term well-being.

These coaches are certified upon completion of The Parent Coaching Institute’s yearlong intensive graduate-level program, a program that was developed in conjunction with Seattle Pacific University.

The PCI coaching method enables clients to:

  • identify and build on what already works well for them
  • learn parenting approaches proven to be effective through evidence-based research
  • gain clarity about their vision for their family
  • effectively customize their parenting approaches to meet their personal vision
  • benefit from the professional and personal experience of their PCI Certified Coach®

PCI Parent Coaching is not mental health therapy. It is not designed to heal deep emotional wounds. It is designed to benefit healthy parents dealing with parenting challenges. This may include parents whose children are under the care of therapists and/or psychiatrists. With the client’s consent, The PCI Certified Parent Coach® can confer with those professionals to work as a team for the well being of the whole family.