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Play Series: Honoring our Need for Play

By August 21, 2018November 20th, 2018No Comments

1) General

Begin by giving yourself permission to build play into your daily life. Doing it for yourself, you’ll feel yourself being your very own best ally. That spills over: You’ll want to learn even more about what fills your child’s spirit, what sets your child up to be able to make lemonade out of lemons.

2) Related to Gifted/2E

At one point, I asked one of our sons – “Do you stir up the pot here for entertainment?” “Of course – what else?” was his answer. With a ‘you son-of-a-gun inner-laugh’, and recognition of his just trying to meet his own needs, I responded: “You know what – I’m sure you can find ways to have as much fun without making everyone else here miserable.” Feeling understood and accepted, he did. I know I had given myself some form of play that day.