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Play Series: Savor

By August 9, 2018No Comments

1) General

“On cloud 9”, “lighter than air”, “Heart’s so full it could burst” – these are just a few of the metaphors/similes that try to put words to the body’s experience of the joy of playing, of feeling great. What’s yours? Enjoy your homemade descriptions – Play with them! Savor the taste, texture, shape, color of them – and let those bridge you anytime to the pervasive feeling in your body. They’re yours to come back to whenever you need!

2) Related to Gifted/2E

Each gifted/2E person is unique. And each benefits from knowing how to right-size (a play on Tamar Chansky’s “specific-size”) the joy of sensations in their body. For example, some have heightened attunement to sensations. Their system is so finely tuned to sensation that very little is neutral. And what is less than neutral is not just unpleasant, it’s pain. Giving these children and adults the opportunity to slow down and savor PLEASANT experiences helps rebalance their system.