How parents of intense – often gifted or 2e – children can consistently and compassionately get a hold of themselves in the midst of emotional storms.

All children are amazing.

Does your particular amazing child come with amazing intensities and speeds of reactivity? Do you?

If so, you have lived through many concentrated moments of life that were generated by everything going on in these children’s systems – and yours.

It makes it very hard on us parents to get a hold of ourselves – at all, let alone consistently and compassionately.

And yet, that’s what they most need from us – to be nonplussed by their current electrical storm.

We at The Center for Identity Potential are delighted to sponsor a community talk available to all, given by Sheryl Stoller, our resident Parent Coach.

Sheryl will be sharing a few power tools you can use in any situation for getting a hold of yourself consistently and compassionately, even before you consciously think to take a breath.

Sheryl will be explaining steps for putting the tools into action, answering your questions, and helping make this the connected safe haven for us often-isolated-parents to melt into not being alone on this journey.

Here is a link to the eventbrite information: Eventbrite Link

Hope you’ll join us!


Everyone at The Center for Identity Potential