So glad you are here! Welcome!

I’ve been surviving the pandemic, which I consider a major accomplishment. I hope you let yourself take in this accomplishment for yourself as well. Surviving is Huge!

I’ve paced myself over this year and a half in refining a program that is now ready! I have synthesized a vast wealth of resources into a program that is doable, fun, and positively life-changing and life-optimizing for you, your co-parent, and through the two of you, your children! I’m calling it:




This is for you, IF: 


You have been feeling angry, sad, or at wits end about how to shift the dynamics, feelings, and behaviors happening in your family. 


You and your co-parent are both dissatisfied with the status quo. And 


Both you and your co-parent are ready to find the common mindset, language, and set of parenting tools that Lets Each of You Be Your Unique Self and Parent, while working well together towards the same goal of lovingly and enjoyably raising your children into connected, loving, multi-faceted-flourishing adults. 


In 7 weeks, create the shifts you want:  

  • Being the leader your children will follow for learning the life-skills they need  
  • Loving how you are showing up to yourself 
  • Loving how you are showing up to your children, co-parent, and family as a whole 
  • Reconnecting with loving yourself   
  • Stopping the deepening of your reactive default settings,
  • Creating new wise loving default settings 
  • Stopping the escalating of your children’s escalations 
  • Being the source of co-regulation that they need 
  • Evolving yourself and your children into well-equipped-for-life, happier humans 
  • Having the relationship with your child(ren) that enables You and your child(ren) to flourish 
  • Feeling the positive ripples in all relationships and areas of life  

Did you just let out a sigh? If so, keep reading.

Or maybe you’re (also) experiencing skepticism as you read this since your state of overwhelm, hopelessness, lack of confidence, and or uncertainty about your direction and where to start are so strong. If so, also read on. You are not alone.  

The key to addressing these feelings really starts in a surprising way…inside your own mind and body, within a community going through and working through these challenges, together!  

My mission is to help you and your co-parent GET MENTAL and EMOTIONAL FITNESS that creates the family life, personal well being, and thriving for each one of you that you want!  

I will guide you through a process that teaches you how to do this!  

Hear it from some participants: 

  • “It is hard to put into words just how transformative this program has been in a very short time.” 
  • “This program stands apart from all the other ‘things’ I’ve tried to find genuine peace.” 
  • “I have benefitted so much from this program and am able to move forward with so much less mental weight in my life.” 

To experience this yourself, commit to 7 continuous weeks of practice: 

  • View a 1-hour video each week to learn concepts – it is chunked so you can watch in small doses. The content is Shirzad Chamine’s Positive Intelligence proprietary program
  • I provide weekly (P)re-Frames for each section of each video that customizes this language for Parents 
  • Each week, attend one 1.5 hour, sometimes 2 hour, group coaching session with me and the small group of participants (4 or 5 parents who are not co-parents) to deepen your learning.  
  • I will be running 2 groups each week:
  • one for 1 parent in each couple,
  • one for the other parent in each couple  
  • Practice 4 2-minute exercises throughout each weekday 
  • Connect during the week with other members of our group 
  • Easily access all these steps via an APP that guides you, has a private channel for just our group, as well as another channel for the larger community, and keeps you on track 
  • The fee covers BOTH co-parents, BOTH group sessions (1 for each of the co-parents) for all 7 weeks. The fee is $956. That’s 7 weeks of DAILY content and support, coaching, and life-changing practice. I know that you, your children, and your family are worth that investment. It is such a small investment for the big life-enhancing, life-optimizing changes you will bring to life, short term and long.  

Do you want that? Are you ready to stop the downward spiral of tension you are all living?  Join us. I promise you that you will thank yourself for giving yourself and your whole family this gift!  

  • The next group begins mid-late September.

Interested? (and I hope you are!) Email me at for link to registration

Questions? Email me at 

and I’ll be happy to respond via email as well as arrange a time to talk.  


Hope to hear from you soon to begin this joyful shift!