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Workshops: A Sampling

  • Cultivating Life-Enhancing Digital Use
  • Early Childhood: Movement & Play in a Media/Digital Age
  • The School Years: Learning & School Success In a Media/Digital Age
  • The Teen Years: Keeping Kids in Control of Their Digital World
  • Adapting Parenting Approaches to Our Children’s Temperaments
  • Creating Your Personalized Parenting Approach
  • Decision Tree for Parents
  • Easing the Demands of Parenthood
  • Easing Transistions
  • Empowering Children to Achieve
  • Empowering Children to Make Decisions That Are in Their Own Best Interest
  • Prevent, Displace and Protect From Bullying Behavior
  • Retaining and Growing Parental Influence
  • Self-Calming in the Parenting Moments
  • Strategies and Tools to Address Behavior Challenges

Worksheets and information provided for participants.
Content adjusted to time allotted: Single or series; hours per workshop.
Customize topic in collaboration with the sponsoring organization.

Institutional Clients, Sponsors and Hosts: A Sampling

  • New Moms
  • Leo Burnett
  • Hephzibah Children’s Association – Daycare and Volunteer Staff Training
  • Lutheran General Children’s Hospital – Pediatric Services
  • PTO’s i.e., Percy Julian Elementary School, Hatch Elementary School in Oak Park, IL
  • Glasser Pre-School
  • Girl Scout Troops
  • Religious School, Oak Park Temple
  • Musikgarten of Oak Park