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Transitions Series: Beauty

By July 11, 2018No Comments

Whether it is a beautiful rock you find in the playground, a shell from the beach (that’s me;-) part of my office collection), or a breath, or an image in your mind’s eye – you ease the goodbye to a new hello, and again goodbye and another hello. One client has a gorgeous mug she brings with her to our sessions and to her car for the big and little errands.

You create the beauty you see and feel. You get to give yourself these kinds of treats, and to marvel at how they ripple throughout your day, from inside of you to the energy you bring to others. Enjoy!

With that understanding, invite in compassion to lead you and your child.

Relative to Gifted / 2E Living:
Experiences are especially saturated, rich, in whatever area someone is gifted. We get to tap into that to ease transitions. We can imbue small things with big meaning. We can use the small to create big strong bridges to the joys of life. The challenge becomes the solution. With that understanding, invite compassion – and creativity – to lead you and your child.