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Transitions Series: Cleaning your Emotional Energy

By July 7, 2018No Comments

Cleaning your energy of your own relationship with a transition, you can assess and guide wisely, and optimize your child’s experience of his/her transition as well.

When you are emotionally available to yourself before entering a transition, you clear your path to being emotionally available to your child. When your child’s inner protector senses your clean energy and authentic availability, it subconsciously deems you to be worthy of trust as a leader to follow. With that understanding, invite in compassion to lead you and your child.

Relative to Gifted / 2E Living:
The super sensitive radars, hyperdrive, and high needs inherent in various giftedness and twice exceptionalities are not easily forgiving. They are rarely, if ever, switched off. They pick up everything. And if the energy they are receiving from us has the slightest hint of fear, disregard for their intrinsic existence as a separate sovereign being, and/or unclaimed responsibility for our own needs intruding on theirs, their system translates us as threats to the survival of their identity. Cleaning our internal landscape turns off their survival mode. It clears space for the child to step into the path we are clearing for them to follow. Our dirty/ uncleared landscape repels their system – as with all parts of their lives, to a heightened degree. With that understanding, invite compassion to lead you and your child.