6 Sessions – Consistency Class





Access:                       Any 6 sessions of Nurturing Consistency in Getting A Hold Of Yourself
Location:                    Heartgarden/Musikgarten  911/907 S. Lombard Ave., Oak Park, IL
Days/Times:               2nd Tuesday evening of every month 7:30-8:45pm  &
                                     Last Saturday of every month, 1:30-2:45pm

September – December Class Focus:

How to lovingly set and hold limits
That is what I will be focusing on in my bi-monthly Nurturing Consistency classes from September through December, 2018, at the HeartGarden Studio.
When my children were young, I had no idea about how to get myself to be loving while I was setting a boundary.  That made everyone’s life harder – even miserable.  Seemed impossible to be loving while creating and holding limits. I failed at it miserably.
It doesn’t have to be that way.
Do you want to learn how to be consistent at both lovingly setting appropriate limits and lovingly holding them?
If yes, you and your whole family will benefit tremendously from your joining us!
It’s a win-win! You get time away, with other warm-hearted safe-harbor parents who are in a similar dilemma, and your family will be getting the limits and loving they need to function well – now and into the far future.
Come join us! Learn specific stepwise skills for providing loving wise boundaries within which your children, you, and your relationship together will thrive!