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Emotional Regulation

Emotional Regulation – Finding Peace Among the Chaos | Sheryl Stoller as a Guest on the Neurodiversity Podcast

By October 4, 2023October 30th, 2023No Comments

Right now, could you use some high-grade fuel for your whole system but don’t have a chunk of time for “self-care”? Could you also use some help in being able to set and hold boundaries without feeling rage, or the retreat of giving up and giving in, or regret?

Investing only a little bit of time, you can take advantage of my sharing tiny tools and scripts that have a big impact.

In the Neurodiversity Podcast I offer tips for getting calm without adding any more time to what you already do.

Nurturing emotional regulation in neurodivergent kids can feel like a complex puzzle, yet it’s vital for their wellbeing. Why is emotional regulation such a challenging problem for them? And how can the concept of co-regulation serve as a bridge to self-regulation? Sheryl Stoller is an expert on supporting families on their journey of raising neurodivergent children. She joins Emily Kircher-Morris to talk about the intricacies of empathy and non-judgment at home, the challenges faced by teachers in the classroom, and the many points in between.