Kids do well, if they can.
Shifting your thinking about and responses to
challenging behavior can transform your family.

This workshop will provide a proven life-enhancing alternative to traditional incentive and punishment-based discipline. It equips you and your child with key life-skills for processing struggles between you, and struggles within each of you. Come learn how to collaboratively engage your child in developing a plan your child will work to follow, how to understand which skill-gaps underlie your child’s behaviors, and how to support your child in building those skills. Being together with other adults, learning and sharing, you’ll gather strength, relief and comfort, not struggling alone. This life-enhancing skill worked for my family, and I am on a mission to enable it to work for yours, too.

Workshop Details:

At the workshop, we will be focusing on implementing Ross Greene’s Collaborative & Proactive Solutions within your family.

The cost includes admittance to both 2-hour sessions (part 1 & 2) & a light breakfast at each.

Part 1: We will be covering the CPS framework; going in-depth in learning and practicing “Plan B”;
and how to factor in and understand the skill-gaps and needs underlying your child’s challenging behaviors.

Part 2: When we reconvene, we will be deconstructing what worked well, what didn’t, and why;
and adding tools for building your mastery of the process going forward.