Sheryl Stoller is the highly sought-after parent coach for those parents whose children have more intense emotions and behaviors than other children. She is known in the gifted and twice-exceptional community for her expert, wise, and compassionate effectiveness in collaboratively creating parents’ customized approaches.  Working with Sheryl, parents become skilled in modelling and teaching many life skills, such as de-escalating and preventing reactive anger and worry. They recapture the joy of their parenting journey. Sheryl is a PCI Certified Parent Coach®, founder of Stoller Parent Coaching, the parent coach at The Center for Identity Potential, and last, but nowhere near least, a mother who has guided three gifted, twice-exceptional children to flourishing young adulthood. Sheryl equips parents to transform struggles into thriving, connected growth. In addition to coaching individuals and couples, Sheryl leads transformative parent groups, workshops, and presentations.

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