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Collisions inside children’s minds

By October 18, 2017June 25th, 2018No Comments

My family’s journey is a cautionary tale on two counts: of having been “sleeping” and of having children who were internally experiencing such disparities in abilities and sensitivities in their own little mind/body/spirit, that they themselves generated the internal judgment and distorted conclusions that society promulgates externally – i.e., you’re not enough, you’re unworthy.

This happens even when parents are (a little to a lot) “awakened”. Almost two decades ago, we took ourselves through our awakening – or more accurately, one child in particular took us through it. A sense of the term “awakened” will become clearer as you read on.

All children need awakened parents. Twice exceptional and gifted children must have them since those children are internally creating distorted thoughts of unworthiness – even when the fully conscious and awakened parents have not “drunk the kool-aid”. It really is extreme for these children and parents. Dr. Shefali Tsabary has brilliantly laid out the steps for “awakening” ourselves to what each parenting moment is calling for, and how to answer that call.  It helps all parents tremendously. It is an absolute necessity for parents of children with disparities in strengths and challenges.

We had to muddle our way through the process of “awakening” almost two decades ago. You don’t have to muddle, thanks to Dr. Shefali’s book. It’s a gift to the world. I hope you’ll accept the gift and join me in my online bookclub. Reaping the benefits of this book requires a safe community in which to absorb, consider, and know we are safe, not alone, while we take on the struggles it helps us turn towards and address with compassion. Reaping its full rewards can not be done alone in isolation.

I invite you to join me for my online bookclub for processing “The Awakened Family” by Dr. Shefali Tsabary. There will be 5 online gatherings on Zoom.

Please like my FBpage to see the post with the details, and email me at that you are interested. Would love to even more fully awaken with you!

Let’s help ourselves and our children through such a complex painful process. Let’s get more fully, more consistently and habitually, wide awake together! Life will be so much better, in so many ways, when we do.