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Highly Refined Nervous Systems

By August 22, 2018November 20th, 2018No Comments

~For All:

There are clues your system gives you all day long about how refined your nervous system is. One explanation of a “refined nervous system” is how attuned your nervous system is to processing small shifts – and to translating them as potential danger. (i.e., shifts in the inputs received by the nerve endings and chemical messaging.) The more attuned to that, the more “refined”, whether or not you are consciously aware of the process.

Some of us, for any number of cause-and-effect reasons, have systems that don’t allow us to be aware of our system’s sensitivity. It jumps straight from input to logic, while the body nonetheless experiences the suppression of the sensations and emotions. Stress builds in our body and emotions.

Consciously attending to what our body, spirit, and mind need is what prevents the inputs from damaging the cells that are processing the stress.

Learning how to attend to the many and varied moments of each day, without destructively suppressing or projecting them onto others, is an important part of the higher self-care Peter and Megan refer to in the quote.

Another way to be sure you give yourself higher levels of self-care is to (1) know what feeds your spirit – what feeds your senses, inside and out, (2) and giving yourself frequent small doses of that throughout the day.

~For Gifted and 2E

Neuroscientists have learned a great deal about how many gifted and 2E minds work through analysis of functional MRIs, PET scans, brain region connectivity, and differential areas of energy utilization. For example, the area of the brain responsible for communication between the cognitive and emotional regions is physically bigger in this population than in neuro-typical people. It is no wonder that the reactivity in gifted and 2E families is intense in frequency, depth, and duration. There is more complexity in the processing of ideas and of feelings. Cooling of the system, literally and figuratively, is necessary. There is more activity and energy used, and therefore, easier and faster depletion of energy reserves.

All parts of us – our bodies, minds, and spirits – suffer intensely when we do not provide the ever-replenishing personalized fueling that our extremely active systems need.

All parts of our system need to feel and “get” that we are consciously giving them what it/they need. It’s a matter of survival.

So notice what fuels every one of your 5 senses. And fit that in each day. Smell cinnamon, listen to music, feel water run over your wrists, have beautiful pictures out where you have to see them, taste each piece of body-enhancing food on your taste buds, read and/or do something that connects you to awe-inspiring sources larger than you, such as touchstones to nature, and time actually in nature.

Generate movement that strengthens and flexes your internal physical structure, bones, muscles, organs. Sprinkle all of this throughout your day. And breathe in the experience of your life in this moment, and breathe it out. You need you. Your survival depends on it.