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Learning Life Skills Through Play

By June 15, 2019August 20th, 2019No Comments

Guide your children to learn life-skills through play – whatever their preferred form of play is.

Sometimes we can outsource the forms of play that we really don’t enjoy. Others forms of play, we can help ourselves find a way to get into it. And then there are the ones we do enjoy. Whatever the arena in which you find your child engaging with life – a ball, imagination, talking, watching – think about the life-skill you want them to learn, and creatively think about and research games that reinforce those skills. Puppets and role plays were key arenas for one of our children; throwing and bouncing balls, and all sorts of gross motor games were the arenas for another; and talking, role-play acting on a makeshift stage, and reading mythology, and watching and discussing movies, were the arenas for another.  What ideas does this spark for you for your children?