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Transitions Series: Accepting the “As Is”

By July 3, 2018No Comments

Small strategic efforts to honor, factor in, and smooth the inherent discomfort of disruption when approaching transitions – those efforts nurture far less suffering, faster rebounding, and stronger resilience in contrast to unconsciously disrupting inertia. With that understanding, invite in compassion to lead you and your child.

Relative to Gifted / 2E Living:
There is a joy and a mourning to the “As Is” of our children’s heightened experience of living. Their system’s responses often shift quickly, and forcefully, with little warning. Just as when we respond well in a crisis, responding well to our children begins with seeing and accepting that the reality of the moment just is. We’re not mourning it in the moment. It is. We see the situation as a given. We use our full on powers of perception to assess the needs and options. And that creates our action. With that understanding, invite compassion to lead you and your child.