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Transitions Series: Honoring the Death of the Moment

By July 18, 2018No Comments

By honoring the death of this moment, and providing a soothing/reassuring pulling from the future moment for you and your child to be drawn to, the disruption is no more and no less than it needs to be. With that understanding, invite in compassion to lead you and your child.

Relative to Gifted / 2E Living:
Your child’s arena of giftedness and often the flip side’s twice-exceptionality are all resources for them to draw upon. What creates a reassuring, helpful overlapping through transition for one child in one moment will not likely do the same for another child, or for another minute for the same child. Designing an overlap successfully likely requires enlisting your child’s unique perspective – outside of the transitioning moments and during them. The efforts pay-off tremendously over time. With that understanding, invite compassion – and creativity – to lead you and your child.