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Transitions Series: Naming Value

By July 14, 2018No Comments

What do you value within the moment you’re leaving? What do you value from the moment you’re about to enter? When you ask yourself those questions, and voice them aloud in hearing distance of your child, you are inviting them to witness you doing the joyful work involved in easing transitions. They will be learning – consciously or not – how to ease transitions for themselves over time.

And when/if you invite them to share theirs from a place inside of you that is a place of genuine curiosity, rather than an agenda to teach, they will be able to connect deeply within themselves, and own their own new skill in easing transitions. Now, won’t that be awe-some!

With that understanding, invite in compassion to lead you and your child.

Relative to Gifted / 2E Living:
We can’t even imagine the creative solutions our children are capable of, whatever their area of giftedness or twice exceptionality. Let’s cultivate that intrinsic brilliance in service of the challenges their gifts bring. Exuding confidence in them to figure out what value there could be for them in the future moment, even if it’s not fun, we optimize their learning, practicing, and honing that tool for them to use throughout their lives. With that understanding, invite compassion – and creativity – to lead you and your child.