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What is your system already doing to take care of you?

By June 14, 2019October 30th, 2023No Comments

What is your system already doing to take care of you? Catch yourself doing it. Then think, say, and feel:  “Look at me taking care of me!”

You may not think that small sensory experiences are you taking care of you, but they are! What are the ways you already give yourself small sensory experiences? Do you run your fingers through your hair? Put a hand on your neck? Bounce your leg? They are ways your system is subtly taking care of you. Your system is giving you experiences that require you to experience your body, here, now. It’s already helping you stay grounded, centered, and present. Integrated. By being conscious of those moments, you vastly increase the power of having taken care of yourself.  When we are able to build up the reservoir of that message and believe it – that I’m here for me and I’m taken care of – we don’t have to use the moments with our children to take care of ourselves. We can cleanly determine what they need from us to take care of them.