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Play Series: I Notice

By August 7, 2018No Comments

1) General

Your “Awareness-Self” is witnessing you living your life – aware of you experiencing life, without being the parts that experience it. If that Awareness-Self were taken away from you – and you were not aware of the experiences that the rest of you were experiencing – would that be living? That part of you is Self-As-Awareness. It’s connected to all of you, and yet it is not attached to any part of you or to anything else. From that zoomed-out perspective, your “Awareness-Self” gives you what you need to discern the moment, AS IT IS – without any old wounds, fears about the future, or stories about the present situation. When that part of you says “I notice ____”, it frees you, lets you know you are separate from it, and free to move in whatever direction serves the whole of you well. You are free to play with creating out of the box any movement and solutions that make living amazing!

2) Related to Gifted/2E

One of the hallmark characteristics of many gifted/2E children/people is extreme speed in their area of giftedness. The “I notice ____” sentence starter can help begin to slow down their zero-to-100 in a nanosecond reactions. Other gifted/2E who are visual may process slowly, in part because it takes their brain time to translate into or out of a picture. Saying, “I notice ____”, may give them the time they need to bridge to processing of their pictures, while simultaneously staying engaged with whomever they’re talking. In either situation, “I notice ____” increases the opportunity to find creative opportunities to play with whatever is at hand.