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Play Series: Tuning In

By August 2, 2018No Comments

1) General

Connecting to our body through playful movement and experiences literally and figuratively pumps open our hearts to the joy of experiencing life. In these moments, we are strengthening connection to our soul and to our soul’s connection to others. Play is universal – we’re not alone!

2) Related to Gifted/2E

Each person is so unique. Some have such a high need for high stimulation as well as such a high pleasure threshold that the criteria for what’s fun play can become extreme. By helping these children, and adults, practice noticing lower levels of fun—by tuning into their body and their heart—you are helping them find previously undetected areas of play that feed their whole system, including their soul. For other gifted/2E people, sensations are so amplified that play can be a very limited set of experiences. Playing within the comfortable range, attuning to the nuanced differences within that range, we can begin to play with the options of expanding that range of stretch a bit outside the previous limiting comfort zone. Nurturing play is especially important for allowing all of the gifted/2Es to explore arenas outside of their areas of giftedness and twice-exceptionalities, giving them opportunities for fully experiencing life. Additionally, play as a portal to knowing they are not alone is also critically important since their default wiring set them up to know they are different.